How environmental factors may impact vagus nerve/brainstem/neuroinflammation in ME/CFS and LongCovid


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Vagus nerve - hyperactive microglia theory sounds very good, a step up from the individual pathogen theories the way i see it, but should be very testable via microglia dampening drugs. Apparently it didnt work in Wishful, thats a bad start i guess.


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1-why the system is not clearing them?
Because either the immune system isn't working properly, The infection load is to high for the immune system to go after all of the infection successfully, or biochemicals needed to do the job aren't available. Or all of these.
2-How to really know which pathogen is causing the problem? Since healthy people also have them, this is the hardest question.
Healthy people may have stronger immune systems. Many of us have more than one pathogen - I had seven and working two kill off the bacterial pneumonias and beating back the viruses helped. I have seen people who have been ill for years finally figure out that they have infections and treating the infections has helped them. I think doctors are too dismissive or conservative and patients are not persistent enough, which has led to an awful lot of suffering. Dr Proal lays got a good case for being very inquisitive in the area of infections, and treating them.
3-How to diferenciate between pathogen virus or friendly virus for example? We are now seeing sarscov2 virus particles in the gut of healthy humans, and this absolutely blows my mind.
I don't think Epstein-Barr, HHV6, and HSV1 Are very friendly at all. They cause mitochondrial fragmentation, and can cause MS, cancer, autoimmune encephalitis, and a host of other autoimmune problems.

As for the virus in the guts of healthy people, I don't think those people are very healthy - They just don't know it yet.