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HOT Flushes finally


Senior Member
I am premenopausal for about ten years, with still estrogen but low progesterone….

But I never get hot flashes until now.

It started when I mixed several supplements that are doing a great job together to relieve my muscle and brain symptoms:

The main for my symptoms: Inosine + caffeine

The others: vitamine B6, Zn, Se, Mg, vitamine K2, D, Calcium Glucarate

Glucarate may be an important culprit in the process as it lowers the estrogen effects, but I can't reproduce the hot flashes with glucarate alone…
However the sensation that my body is hot is not unpleasant, let see how it will last!


Senior Member
The first hot flush I got was more than welcome. I walked up a hill wearing just a vest and shorts in September, and started to get cold on the way up. At the top suddenly a warmth started in the middle of my upper back and spread.
Well....the first one was fun anyway....;)

Caffeine alone almost always stimulated a hot flush, and so did alcohol, I remember. Sugar not so much as one might think it would. But I also learned that pushing myself to do work late at night would give me hot flushes.

Misfit Toy

Senior Member
Caffeine makes me nuts. But also stimulates adrenal surges. That is what could be happening. The adrenals then kick out a lot of adrenaline and makes you hyped and over heated.