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Thank you for your replies.

I have tried acupuncture many times but I am so sensitive to the needles (one acupuncturist said she had never seen a person so sensitive in her 60 years working). It never helped me so I am probably going to leave that but thank you for the suggestion.

I think I will go back to homeopathy but one thing I cannot understand is this:

If remedies are meant to be stronger the more you dilute them, wouldn't taking less of the remedy (perhaps diluted in water and taking a teaspoon of that solution) actually be stronger and therefore cause more side effects?

Can anyone throw any light on this?
I thought this was an excellent question, so I asked my homeopath today.
But I forgot you asked for those you mix with water, so I asked for those small pills, the small sugar balls.
He said, that in reality, the dose in those little pills differs a bit, so to take three of five might be the same dose.

So I asked....if your patient couldn't tolerate the medication, what would you suggest?
And he said: to stop a couple of days and try again.
If he was to take medicine three times a day I would then ask him to take once a day.
If he was to take once a day, I would ask him to take every second day.

BUT- of course, he doesn't know you, and I didn't explain further.
(If I had a really bad reaction I'm not sure I would give it another go myself, to be honest)

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Thank you for thinking of me Hufsamor. What I am reading makes sense. I think I will try homeopathy again at some point but I am too weak at present.
I hope that you have better luck.