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Homebound - daily routines and ways that help..


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Hi this thread is to connect those of us who live homebound and to share our daily routines and ways that help us..

I'll share the first part of my day.
I've been homebound for 2 yrs 2 mths with the exception of hospital visits.
Each day I wake without an alarm as I need to allow my body and brain what it needs. This can be anywhere between 8-11 hrs sleep. I spend some time in bed doing intentions and spiritual practice before I get up.
Morning is often when I feel the most fuelled to spend some energy. I open the front door and feel the morning air. I often make a phone call to my sponser or someone in 12 step recovery to talk about what's on my mind. I then make breakfast and morning snack which is a bit lengthy as I prepare fresh fruits etc.
After breakfast I get back into bed and do deep relaxation for up to 1hr. I then open the blinds and the window to feel the fresh air and eat my snack sitting on top of the bed with a hot drink.
I often stand outside the front door once or twice unless feeling too unwell. I adore the fresh air

Having this morn routine helps me massively. Spiritual practices, inner child work and the deep relaxation. Mornings I often feel pretty freaked out - a mixture of devestation and fear. Having a phone call helps a lot too. At times I've also recorded my own voice just speaking out my thoughts and feelings this helps esp playing it back at later date.
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