HIV infection from blood supply in Colorado!! XMRV publicity chance?


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Here is an example of an opportunity for XMRV publicity. The local news agencies here in the Front Range of Colorado (Denver) are reporting about the only recorded case of HIV transmission from a blood transfusion in the past eight years.

what an opportunity for the CAA or someone more functional and knowledgeable than myself to get a hold of these reporters and see if they're interested in exploring the XMRV in the blood supply issue.

  • 4-5% infection rate in the general population
  • XMRV found in 80% ME/CFS,
  • XMRV found in prostate cancer
  • XMRV autism connection
  • strong familial tendencies
  • etc.

It's my opinion that news organizations just love potential catastrophe stories.

Nice opportunity.

Opinions? Actions?

more bad publicity might get the Federal research agencies to start forking out some money for XMRV, especially involving the WPI - which is the expert in XMRV at this point. Show me the money!