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High fasting blood sugar


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Southern California
Anyone has high fasting blood sugar first thing in the morning but all other diabetes markers are ok?

Is it a PEM thing?
My fasting blood sugar first thing in the morning is always around 96 - 98, in the normal range but near the top. Doctors are always a little concerned but my diet is very good, hardly any sugar or white flour or simple carbs. My AIC number is great, no pre-diabetes. I think the high fasting number in the morning has to do with the screwed up glucose metabolism which is part of ME/CFS.

About 15 years ago it got up to about 105 or so and my doctor wanted me to take metformin. I read about metformin, decided I didn't want to take it, so took a rigorous look at everything I was eating, and found that my protein bars (which I ate too many of at that time!) were high in sugar. So I switched to ones with a lower sugar content and eat fewer, and have been able to stay under 100. I am rigorous about almost no sugar.

I have a sister and brother, both without ME/CFS, who are both somewhat sugar junkies, and their blood sugar is in the 80's! It's not fair! :aghhh: But that's the way it is. I do worry about them because I do believe they're flirting with pre-diabetes -- they do know all about my concerns . . .