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High cystathionine on Doctor's Data Methylation Profile. What does it mean?

Oxfordshire, UK

Just going through my stacks of test results trying to come up with ideas as to why I am in the horrible mess I am in today, and looking at my methylation profile from June this year realised all over again how high my cystathionine is.

It is 0.23, reference range <0.05. My homocysteine is 8.6, yet I am CBS 360++.

My SAM:SAH ratio is 8.8. Anybody got any brains without fog to help me understand this, please?

I had an OAT test in August this year showing low B6 and B2.

Any food or supplementing at the moment is causing a variety of odd reactions, including depressed mood after eating carrots, and a difficulty-breathing type response to a pear.

I have gall bladder and pancreas issues, currently hurting.

I am homozygous MAO and VDR Taq.

Oh to be well again; the dream lives on. I worry sometimes that the determination I have been able to find to try to find answers will not be enough as I feel I am on a downward trend.

Good healing to all