HHV-6 Doc somewhere remotely close to Wash. D.C.


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Hi Roger,
Wow your story sounds familiar, that was me about 10 years ago. I also had low-level CFS for some years, but when I moved to Fairfax county and worked in the DC area for a few years I completely tanked. And went through the local experts, which led to short term gains but eventually some of the drug therapies made things much worse.

I did eventually find a great CFS doc in N Virginia, John Hart, MD, a former OB/GYN who contracted a type of CFS and cured himself with 'Functional Medicine' which he now practices. I worked with Dr Hart (who has a practice out near Dulles and also in Fredericksburg, Stafford county, maybe one of those is not too far from you), and we took a more ecological approach, I got off most of my drugs. He ran tests that proved I was a pathological detoxifier. So he helped me find ways to support that. Then we worked on Lyme, Candida, and environmental issues, particularly mold. What is it about the toxic molds in the DC area? They were somehow tweaking my immune system, they seem to be much worse in DC than the rest of the eastern US. I used a dehumidifier and HEPA filtration, and that helped but eventually decided to move to a dry climate, which has really helped. I now have some mobility again, and am no longer mostly house/bed bound like I was in N. Virginia.

If you want more info about Dr Hart, just PM me. Good luck!
Hey Kurt,
Thanks for the info. I'm 45 minutes from Dulles, and I've already googled him. The reason our air here is so polluted is because
of all the politicians. I actually lived in Wyoming where the air is much drier and cleaner, at least where I was on top of the
Laramie mountains, but honestly I was just pretty much the same out there.

It hard to believe as many traditional docs as I've seen they never found much, pounded me with abx's and anti-virals, then
my family Doc finds active HHV-6 and active EBV, he was looking for everything my blood work was so bad. He really didn't know what to do so
I went to a ID doc, he didn't know either and so finally went to Hopkins and asked their top ID doc to prescribe Valcyte, he agreed,
a great guy, seriously. What my point is there seems to be very little knowledge in the medical community about these viruses and plenty
of controversy if they even effect your health, I believe they do.
Tomorrow is day seven on the Valcyte/Valtrex and today I felt better, I hope it continues, it sure sucks being sick.