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Help needed. Text for YouTube video.

Hi guys.

I'm planning on making a brief but detailed collection of 3 or 4 ten minute videos for YouTube.

They will be text based, with images and background music. They'll give an overview of CFS/ME, outline some of the scandal and controversy around it, and conclude with information on XMRV.

The aim is not just to raise awareness about ME/CFS but to highlight some of the roadblocks which slowed progress in research, give credit to some of the champions of research, and act as a sort of "CFS primer" from the view of patients.

Working Title: "CFS - The struggle and the scandal."

If anyone would like to volunteer to help with the project, please let me know. I would be happy to openly run through proposed text edits in this thread in a sort of "open source" style.

There are various topics I want to cover including the following:
The historical origins of CFS/ME
The main symptoms of CFS/ME
Early medical and public impressions of CFS/ME
Progress, and roadblocks. Vested interests, bureaucracy, opportunists etc
Significant figures (both heroes and villains)- Elaine DeFreitas, Simon Wessely, Phil Parker, The WPI (more suggestions?)
XMRV - Recent breakthroughs, vindication for patients, etc

I will begin writing the text soon.

*Please feel free to submit text which may be used, or suggestions for topics, propose edits to text, etc.*

Any help is appreciated.




mornin' Declan. You're on a role! One recent article published (sorry, I'm newish, don't know if there were more before that) and now videos. Way to go!

I don't know the stats on youtube and facebook - but it seems from my couch here that if you want info spread quickly and can get the right hook, that's the way to do it.

Given what I've seen on the forum here, I imagine if you post segments and ask for feedback you'd get it.


Hi guys.

I'm planning on making a brief but detailed collection of 3 or 4 ten minute videos for YouTube.