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Have these stomach acid boosters helped you? (POLL)

Have these stomach acid boosters helped you? (POLL)

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Yes, I used to take Betaine HCl with Pepsin when I developed acid reflux which turned out to be a symptom of low stomach acid (I'm hypothyroid). That helped immensely. Then I began a protocol (Dr Greg Russell-Jones) of building up low daily doses of Iodine, Selenium and Molybdenum, starting one at a time with Iodine. When I reached Molybdenum, I noticed I was getting stomach pain again on eating. It occurred to me that maybe the betaine HCl was causing it (i.e. taking too much, I was on 2 capsules per meal), so I stopped it. Lo and behold, I no longer needed to take it at all! That was 18 months ago, as long as I keep taking I/Se/Mo daily, I have no problems with reflux, my digestion's gone back to normal.


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For me, reducing carbs, sugar and processed foods has had the biggest impact.

Think I'm seeing slight improvement w/ Betaine HCl w/ Pepsin, but I think I've been doing it wrong. I need the capsules.

My goal here is to fix this, using my acid reflux and nausea as my primary measurements for success. Will update w/ works.

My acid reflux is almost completely gone. My nausea has improved a bit, and by "a bit" I mean I haven't had any really sever nausea in a while, and the nausea I do have is not bad, just noticeable. Like, I can tell that it's still there, but only slightly.

Also, I think my Uveitis is starting to go away. I'm tapering off the steroid eye drops my doc gave me for it. I'm hoping to taper all the way down, to where I no longer need them and my eyes are fine. But so far, it's looking like the inflammation in my body overall is decreasing.

OH, and my joint pain has decreased a lot! Especially in my hands.

Fatigue is maybe slightly less, but seems to get worse when I get off the diet and eat pizza for a couple days.

I believe the Betaine HCl w/ Pepsin capsules were the most important. Diet was too. And I also periodically did apple cider vinegar and shots of ginger juice.

Treating w/ acid boosters AND trying to treat my intestinal permeability... my next measurement goal is to have my rashes go away, and to no longer have the awful smell in my armpits that seems to be from bacteria, which i attribute to leaky gut. Again, I will update.
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