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Has anyone tried pulsing antiviral meds e.g. Valtrex?

Wondering if anyone has tried a pulsed regimen for antiviral meds (Valtrex, Valcyte etc.), or if anyone knows in theory whether there's a good reason not to pulse? I've used Valtrex off and on - I end up stopping because of signs of toxicity (e.g. excessive hair loss after shampoo - which usually means my liver isn't happy). It also makes my pee smell, even on a lowish dose (1 g./day). After awhile, I also start to doubt it's having the benefits I experienced initially. So I've stopped and started up again a number of times now. Each time I restart the benefit (relief of fatigue) is dramatic. So I'm leaning towards intentionally pulsing - maybe 4 days on and 3 days off. Any thoughts?
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I know @heapsreal has talked about that. Some others too but I can't remember who. Try searching around. I'll look too.

The idea was to let the viruses reactive and then smash them again. Also some doc, maybe Teitlebaum, but don't quote me, said it can be more cost effective to do that.

I had a viral reactivation last year. It felt like I had a horrible case of mono. I stopped my Famvir for about 4 days then started up on a high dose. Not fun because when I start high I have a lot of muscle pain, but within 2 days I was back to 95%.

I think, and his is not based on anything medical, but if you feel better doing it that way then do it.

BTW, did you mean one gram Valtrex vs 1 mg?
Hi minkeygirl - thanks so much for your response. First - YES - I did mean 1 gram valtrex/day! LOL...

When I searched earlier, I tried "pulse" (with no success) rather than "pulsing". So thanks for linking me to these threads. I'll check it out.

From what I know, I do think it makes sense that pulsing should be effective with antivirals - similar to the way you might pulse antibiotics (such as for lyme). I just couldn't recall anyone suggesting this before so I'm glad to hear that others have tried it and it seems to work for them. And good point too - it would be more cost effective. :)


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@Azya FWIW I've done this with natural anti-virals. You can read what I found in research about this in my blog entry. Also, coffee enemas or some other method of supporting, detoxxing liver might be helpful. I've another blog re coffee enemas, linked in my signature. If you click that one, you'll find the other bolg as well, labelled Candida.
@almo I do numerous things to support liver function and detoxification in general - far more than the benefit one would get from coffee enemas. I don't generally have intolerances (supplements, reasonable meds etc.). So it is a little curious for me that I'm having these effects on the 1 gram/day of valtrex. In the past I've been on 3 grams/day with good results and I didn't notice these things going on. I think I may just be at a different stage in my healing process where less is more. Also I'm not 100% sure it's the Valtrex. If it is related, I suspect it's an interaction with something else I'm doing (several possibilities there).

There's no question however that I benefit from being on Valtrex at least intermittently. No natural antiviral protocol I've tried gets the same results for me. In my experience treating lyme (which I've largely overcome), pulsing is the way to go. So I'm gonna try that approach for awhile with the AV's.