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Got thru to Lance Armstrong.

Hi Folks!

I recently became aware that Lance Armstrong of livestrong cancer support group is under brutle pressure from the FDA. Enough to possibly force him to loose the $400 million he has raised for cancer research that he has raised over the years.

It occured to me, this pressure from the FDA on Lance could be more of the same tactics facist controlled governments and media have used on autism, CFS, and Dr's like Boyd Haley or Dr Myhill. The list is long.

The director of engagement at livestrong wrote me a short note back saying she is collecting 300 character or less emails to send to Lance. I sent mine, and you can too.

IF autism parents, CFS people, cancer people, and Dr's all see that the there is a common tactics and threats to our health. We can all align coodinate and be large enough in numbers to really take back our democracies.



I suggest requesting Lance Armstrong fund the WPI, or at least understand it. Even 1% of his $400 million cash hoard could really help move the ball at the WPI. I also suggest alerting him, if yo believe as I do, that their could be commonality between groups in the way the government/media is rail roading us all.
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Not to mention the common link between ME/CFS and prostate cancer and XMRV. (Do I have that right?) (Or did Armstrong have testicular cancer ...?) Sorry, the memory, you know ...


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I think it's a very good idea to contact him. If we could get the support of someone like Lance Armstrong... wow... that would be a big step forward.

Please write to him and don't forget to mention the possible link between XMRV and prostate and maybe even breast cancer. Provide links to those studies or good quality articles that explain it.

Edit: We don't even have to win him for ME/CFS just now. If he decides to help XMRV research in prostate cancer that will benefit us a lot too.


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Sent a message to Lance.

Also the extremely strong link between ME and non hodgkins lymphomas- burkitt's and mantle cell. I believe 19 of approx 200 tahoe cohort have or have died from these previously vanishingly rare cancers. This was i think at the oct. 2009 cfsac presentation by dr. peterson.

The following is all from Osler's Web. You can search the book on amazon if you are curious.

there is the cancer and ME cluster in the north carolina orchestra that prof. grufferman tried to study but nih wouldn't fund. also what i call 'the curious case of the woman from south africa' who had burkitt's lymphoma. she travelled to the us and visited four relatives in four parts of the country circa 1983. they all subsequently got and died of burkitt's. one of them lived in lake tahoe. there was then around 1984 epidemics of both ME and Burkitt's at lake tahoe and they overlapped a lot but not totally. the odds of getting burkitt's in the us was approx 30 million to one in any year at that time before pwME and pwAIDS started dying off from it in the late 80s. it is well established in conventional medicine that there is a strong link between chronic EBV infection and Burkitt's. This is probably just because a retrovirus causes immune dysfunction causing chronic EBV infection, ME and/or Burkitt's in the host.