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Goldilocks' Methylation: 15 mg Leucovorin is too much


Senior Member
My body is very sensitive and usually needs half a dose of anything.
for example: I am restoring ZInc balance and anything over 18 mg brings on such a strong Copper dump that I cannot handle it. Another example: I take body-identical Progesteron and supplement numerous times a day. Too much and I get sleepy, too little and I get PMS. Last example: Take any soy-product and I spot.

I have learned to work with my body and this sensitivity helps to detect early whether I'm on a good path or not.

now then. I don't convert B12, I don't convert folic acid and my VDR Taq is out.
I am doing very well on MethylB12, folinic acid and lots of Vit D (plus all kinds of other supplements)
My doctor is very impressed with all the info I got from here and 23andme and how I handle things and get results. He will give me anything I ask for.

So I asked for folinic acid (can only get it on dr prescription over here)
and he obliged: Leucovorin. but these are the 15 mg pills used to ease the effects of anti-cancer treatment.

I was hoping for 1200 mcg at most, to take with my 1500 mcg of MB12.
So what are your thoughts: Do I try and break the pills into 12,5 pieces? Do I get myself a druggies weight scale? What symptoms do I look for when overdosing on Leucovorin?

My doctor has great confidence in all of us: "When you supplement the body with already converted stuffs you bypass the gatekeeper of the body that determines how much is needed. Well done how you study and proceed with care."

any reply is deeply appreciated. Anna


Senior Member
Midwest USA
I would try crushing/dissolving it in a measure of water and then using a dropper to dose it the way people do when they make their own LDN. I wish I was better at chemistry and then I could suggest exact measures but maybe someone else can.