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going bold an methylation

hi everyone

i just wanted to ask a few questions

i am thinning from my hair line and not sure if it due to genetics or that i have been really ill for a few years now,

i wanted to know is the hair loss gene inherited form the mothers side, as my grandfather and my uncles are bold, but everyone on my dad's side have full hair, will i defientiley have the gene or is their a chance that i wont.

also if i start a mehtylation protocol will the methylation speed up hair loss and is their anyway to silence the hair loss gene thank you.
Genes and illness can cause hair loss, I think it would be hard for people here to determine which is the cause. I would have thought you could inherit from either side but I'm no geneticist.

There are some supplements that prevent or slow hair loss, if they don't counter your protocol maybe you should try some.

There's also this cool thing you can do, you comb those long thin strands over the bald area and no girl will notice the difference. I've been doing it for years.


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Edegem, Belgium
Two supplements that help against hair loss are biotin and saw palmetto (serenoa repens). The last is also used for prostate health but the same mechanism is responsible for hair loss (testosterone enzyme in hair follicle). It takes about 4 months to see the first results and 2 years to have max results.

Women can take it too (because we have testosterone issues as well).