Get PNAS Paper News to Top 10 E-Mailed/Blogged/Viewed/Searched Lists..

We've all read the articles already but e-mail the articles to people (each other, ourselves, anyone) anyway so that we can get the articles onto the NY Times (and WSJ, etc.) front page Top 10 e-mailed list so they will get even more views and attention. Note, you have to use the e-mail button on the news article or it won't be counted. And for searches to get into the top 10 searched lists, use the newspaper sites' search boxes.

The NY Times has top 10 lists for e-mailed, blogged, searched, and viewed.

Study Links Chronic Fatigue to Virus Class

The WSJ has top 10 lists for read, e-mail, commented, and searched.

New Hope in Fatigue Fight

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my impression is that it would be hard to get an old article on the top ten list as these papers have millions of readers. It would be easier to hop on this next time a new article is published to take advantage of the interest a new story generates. Always good to tweet and "Like". Thanks for the idea.