George Monbiot on Long covid & ME /CFS.


Evening Extra :Radio Ulster January 25th 2021.

Presenters:Julie Mc Cullough and Declan Harvey

Guest:George Joshua Richard Monbiot is a British writer known for his environmental and political activism.In the discussion on Long Covid George talks about the great scandal concerning ME/CFS.He has friends with this condition so is well versed on this subject.In order to hear George speak move the pointer along to about 1 hr 6minutes.He talks for about 10 minutes.

If Long Covid patients are treated in future as ME/CFS have been for last 50 years plus then God help them.However, on a more positive note(if such can be taken from covid outcomes)then much needed research and treatments may follow in years to come.These fatigue/virus(or other causes) illnesses now need to be taken seriously by Governments/Medical Authorities/Doctors/ etc This hasn't been the case so far.

PS:I hope I got the "George" in the programme correct.I have researched it and I take it to be" George Monbiot".If I'm incorrect please let me know and I'll edit this piece.