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Freddd treatment plan 7-4-2014


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Can someone who knows please make a sticky thread of all the recommended brands to be used in freddds treatment plan and try to only use it to update it as needed.

I know this was recently done it I don't think it was made a sticky because I can't find it.

I feel like I am always constantly chasing my tail trying to work out what the current recommended brands are. I'm sure others must feel the same.

Is the enzymatic therapy 1mg still the recommended brand for methyl B12?

I seem to remember Freddd saying a new brand with a dose of 5mg had been found. Think it was country life.
Is this correct?

Also is anyone able to tell me if there would be any contradiction in taking both alcar and l-carnitine?

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@knackers323: read the two Freddd sticky threads already in this forum. Lots of good info, including the updates you asked for in at least one of them. Re-read them if necessary. Once is not necessarily enough. Neither is twice. I've been through them several times and will continue to go through them as needed, when needed, for a refresher. Like with multiplication tables, repetition ad nauseam is the key to retention. With some of us needing more repetition than others. :)

Also, you can't read them all at once. It takes time. No substitute for patience and perserverance.

There is no contradiction between ALCAR and LCF, although from what I read most people do better with one or the other, not both. I've figured out I'm an LCF girl. ALCAR just doesn't do much for me, alone or in combo with LCF.

@minkeygirl: Enzy is still a recommended brand as far as we know here. Also recommended is Country Life methylB12, product number #6304.


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@minkeygirl: 5000mcg. They're very soft, though, and kind of crumbly, so you can break them into pieces or even crush them with your fingers. Enzymatic Therapy lozenges are much harder.

BTW, love your avatar. Is that your kitty? :love:


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@minkeygirl: yes, that's the one.

To tell if you have the correct product, click your link above.

In the left sidebar of the Amazon page click the bottom photo (there are three).

That will change the picture of the product to the back label.

Then mouse over the picture. Running your mouse over it enlarges the view so you can read the label better.

If you mouse over the bottom of the label you'll see where it says "Product No. 6304". Instant verification. :)

Not all Amazon products have the different views and the ability to enlarge, because enabling that functionality is the responsibility of the vendor. But many of them do.


P.S. When I picture you in my head you look like that cat. :p It's a great pic. I don't blame you for lifting it.


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@whodathunkit I saw that when I first found it, with the number. I'll stick with the Enzymatic Therapy for now. I think it's more cost effective. I can toss one under my gum, go back into a coma and wake up again and it's almost gone.

The difference between me and the cat is I don't wear a bowl on my head LOL!