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Forgotten Plague need to set up Amazon store, e-commerce - can you help? Know someone who can?


Fine, thank you

Forgotten Plague on FB said:
Hi everyone, we're in the process of getting the last little bits of the distribution process lined up. We're close to the finish line, but we're working with an all-volunteer team, many of whom have full-time jobs or other commitments, so we're always in need of extra manpower.

We're wondering if there's someone on the fan page who has experience with creating/managing an Amazon Store, keeping track of inventory online, and generally working in e-commerce? It would only need to be a short-term voluntary gig, to help bolster our team of fearless volunteers and get the DVD/film in a position where anybody anywhere across the globe can get as many copies as they need and use Forgotten Plague as an exponential force for positive social change.

Send us a private message if you're interested and able! We'd love to have you join our team!

If you can do this or know anyone who can, please do help them - I'm dying to see this film! :woot: