For those w experience w Valcyte....


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If you had a flare in your symptoms, how long did it last?

I started Valcyte 10 days ago and it’s been *interesting*...for the first 6 days or so some of my baseline symptoms (dizziness, lightheaded, skin burning) improved, but I felt like I had the flu (headaches, muscle aches, just feeling sick). Overall this was feeling “better” for me.

The past 3-4 days I’ve hit a big wall — all my original symptoms are back in full force, and a bit worse. Now I’m super nauseous and vomiting in the mornings. I’ve heard that people flare / worsen in Valcyte at first, but I haven’t seen any actual stories of that happening and how long it usually lasts.

keeping up w lots of water, some fiber, and some glutathione to try and push these dying buggies out of me!