Fluoridation Linked to ADHD, Hypothyroid - newsweek article


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This man's work sounded interesting until I saw this:

"His October, 1952 article "Adolf Hitler: An Appreciation" was mentioned in a report by the House Un-American Activities Committee.[21] In it, he espoused anti-Semitic views and expressed the belief that America owes a debt to Hitler.[22] The article first appeared in The National Renaissance, journal of the National Renaissance Party.[12]

In a tract called The Secret Holocaust, Mullins stated that the accepted account of the Holocaust is implausible, calling it a cover story for Jewish-led Soviet massacres of Christians and anti-communists.[23] In particular, Mullins argues that by the mid-1960s, in order to divert the world's attention away from this putative mass slaughter, "the Jews" had cooked up the story of the Holocaust, using "photographs of the bodies of their German victims, which are exhibited today in gruesome 'museums' in Germany as exhibits of dead Jews"[24] as evidence for their claims.[23]"

It's hard to take seriously the thoughts of someone who is an ardent denier of such a grossly true segment of world history.
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Big Berkey filters have optional flouride filter. They're gravity-fed, stand on the benchtop. I love mine. I clean the ceramic filters about every 3 months, now 2 years old; the flouride I replaced after about a year, as they recommend.
We had a Big Berkley filter, and I liked it but we had nothing but problems with the fluoride filter and never were able to get it working right. They sent us 2 replacements, but none of them fixed the problem of the water coming out 'milky' even after excessive flushing.

Now we have the reverse osmosis system linked below fit under our sink (It was a pain to install. We live in a rental and will take it with us when we move). But, it works really well so we aren't using the Berkey anymore (plus the Berkey water was starting to not taste very good and was nowhere needing the filter replaced.)