Flowly Biofeedback

Hi Just thought I would share about a biofeedback virtual reality system I found and have been using. I'm trying to integrate mind body treatments to relax my nervous system and looking for things that I like doing and/or are short and easy to do so I will actually do them.
Flowly consists of an app you can download onto ur phone and a VR headset you wear that u put ur phone into for a more intensive experience. The app has guided lessons in different worlds where you wear a heart rate monitor and breathe following their screen and it measures your heart rate variability and how much time u spend in flow. It's pretty simple and I like the sessions are short 7-10mins I can handle that. This is the website Flowly

Let me know if I can answer any questions. I read reviews before getting the VR headset and used the app on my phone by itself for a week to see if I like it which I did. I guess some people find the graphics outdated, so if that matters to you maybe wouldn't like it. I think they're charming and soothing so it doesn't bug me.

So far I'm feeling better, but this is not the only thing I've implemented in the last few months I have been focusing in on lots of mind body and vagus nerve practices so I'm not sure what's doing what.