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Fitbit - Blog post about using it Monitoring ME.


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Double check the waterproofness, as sometimes a company claims their product is waterproof when in reality it's not.

I really like the Fitbit Charge HR. I put it on to charge while I'm showering. The "workout" function, where it logs your HR in more detail, seems a little iffy, but otherwise it's really useful, and definitely helping with pacing.

I've started spreadsheets for looking at exactly how my steps relate to my HR zones (I had to tell it I was born in 1900 to get useful zones) and also to log my sleep, with colour-coding for the sleep quality and then the meds that I use. You can see it at https://www.dropbox.com/s/h4xmwwhyjvnh35h/Fitbit 1.ods?dl=0, although it's in OpenOffice so I'm not sure what else it'll open in. The sleep chart is on the second tab.

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I emailed fitbit because I'd seen conflicting information about whether their devices should survive being in the shower or not. They said not to shower with the device but also said it won't hurt the device itself, just that wearing it 24/7 won't give the skin a chance to breathe and advised that whenever it gets wet the tracker needs drying really well. Common sense really not to have a load of water and soap etc. Under a close fitting rubber band I suppose! So I can't speak for others but I personally take that to mean it can be showered with but to be sensible about swapping which wrist it's on, make sure you dry your skin under the close fitting rubber band etc. After it has gotten wet. I'm looking at the surge as despite all the fancy bells and whistles it has which I don't, need its water resistant to a greater depth.

I was very much considering getting a Mio, the new alpha can store up to 20 hrs of information I think they said, so you'd only need to set it going when you put it on in the morning. I really liked Mio's service in replying to my emails and queries, they were really helpful and polite and patient. They advised me to get the alpha 2 over and above the fuse as the fuse has a button you can knock by accident and easily switch it from exercise mode to all day mode which doesn't monitor HR zones. The fuse is apparently going to have sleep integrated which makes it a whole lot more attractive but I don't want to knock it and turn it off when monitoring HR, would defeat the object!

But I like the fact fitbit will track sleep. I'm sleeping so, so badly at the minute and waking up exhausted so I'm hoping being able to track sleep will help me get in top of it. I was very, very close to getting the Alpha 2 but I think fitbit is probably the best fit no pun intended.;)

I hope I'm remembering all of this correctly, I've been having a bad few days. I was also considering getting the alpha 2 and saving for a separate sleep tracker as well, but I'm so poorly at the minute that I like the idea of it being all organised for me under one app. I'm still on the fence, but pretty much leaning towards the surge. I've been struggling to know which to get because they obviously all have pros and cons, I feel like it's important to get it right because I've been so poorly at the minute it's been scaring me a bit and thinking this may help to pace a bit better and hopefully stop me declining anymore.

Edit: I don't suppose anyone is interested, but just in case! I've bought an alpha 2, definitely ok in water and 25 hours of workout data so I only need to set it once and I can set myself a reminder of that on my iPad for when I wake up. I like the fact it is compatible with lots of different apps as well, hopefully i can find one that will track sleep. so hopefully I can collate all data easily by playing around, especially if apples health kit app comes on ipad. We shall see how I get on! :)
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