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Fight or Flight or Rest and Digest?


Phoenix Rising Founder
Jody has written just a great piece on the stress system in CFS. it turns a complicated problem into an easy-to-understand one.

Personally I think managing the internal stress in our bodies and our minds is very important to getting healthy. I almost think, as Jodi notes, that we have to change how we think and feel in order to get healthy. This is because I think, at least in my case, that my system is in a almost permanent state of arousal. What works for me is turning down that motor by slowing down my mind, trying to eliminate emotional triggers that jack my body's response up, slowing down my activity levels and trying at the same time to carve out a place emotional wellness so that this ' stress response' doesn't get activated all the time.

When I can do this I can feel my body begin to relax and heal

Anyway :) by Jody.


Senior Member
Thanks for posting this, Cort.

I just clicked on the smiley face at the end of your post, beside my name and found my article. (Took me a minute to realize the smiley was a link. Nice idea.)

Hope it helps to make the whole concept of sympathetic / parasympathetic nervous systems less complicated. It took me some time to be able to comprehend it, at least at a basic level.

Once I realized it had practical application for my own situation, I worked real hard at getting a handle on it. It now makes a big difference for me on a daily basis.