Fever 37,6 Celsius ( 99,68 Fahrenheit) for 6 months

Hi. I am sick now for 6 months. Symptoms are red throat, not sore though, fatigue, feeling ill, and a fever that doesnt go away.
Blood work showed high leukocytes, high eosinophils, high thrombocytes, high monocytes.
Also i am positive for EBV, but it doesnt elaborate further.
A wipe form my throat and mouth area was negative for bacteria and positive for fungus.
As you may have guessed, the doctor was of no help.


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Well at least according to the Cleveland Clinic, a temp of 37.6 is within the normal range or adult temperatures. Shockingly, I am with your doc on not thinking the temp is important.
Link here: https://health.clevelandclinic.org/body-temperature-what-is-and-isnt-normal/

Now, that isn't to say that you don't have something going on. You feel awful which indicates something's wrong, and maybe your blood work is off too. (I certainly can't interpret those for you.) But you're going to need some more data before coming to any conclusions. Perhaps it's a bigger clue that your bloodwork is abnormal while your temperature isn't?