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Fantastic ideas re: Using social bookmarking to reach a wider audience


kelly's post to co-cure of Dec 31 09

(if:)I thought this post was fantastic. I'm completely new to social media - and brain-limited in trying to explore it - just this forum overwhelms me and knockshuge chunks out of my life. Thank you kelly for the primer. It reminded me of another post on the power of google thread where Tom was saying that to be effective in advocacy, the goal should be to get the average person aware - therefore to include ME/CFS info somehow in all formats you use for your other interests.

Using social bookmarking to reach a wider audience

Although posting to listservs and groups spreads knowledge among specific groups and types of people, there are other ways to bring the issues to the public arena thus better informing doctors, scientists and the general public. Social book marking sites are easy to sign-up for making many of the magazine and newspaper articles and even research papers on CFS and related
issues are only a click away from a wider audience. By all means join Facebook, Twitter, My Space or Yahoo Buzz, but also consider joining some or all of the listings below. Most require some level of basic information, but your profile can be as bare bones or complete as you wish to make public:


Science and research oriented:




windows exterminator
Aspire slow/quick

Right well it says in the title, i'd be playing a game everything would be fine then my FPs (Frames per second) drops to about 5 making it impossible to play and super annoying, it starts off fine and smooth goes slow takes 5-10minutes to go fast again stays like it for 10-20mins and then it's slow again.

I've tried multiple thing's to try and stop the lag i turned everything to performance so it could run faster. I dno if this is normal or what all i know is that i can't find any website with a solution for this , ive scanned for virus's, defragmented, cleaned it, the memory isn't full, i have nothing else running in the background help would be appreciated .

Well Dude, this is a common symptom of M.E . Lots of the experts would blame this on you.
On the other hand it could be caused by the xmrv virus , the anti virus people are working round the clock for a solution. In the meantime things will only get worse. Bin your machine.

System Support

The above is a post under lets combine our advocacy
When you use a search engine , depending on your query, you can pull up lots of forums help me pages--these are the thing to hit.
This actually would come under the heading of Activism or Subversion or Guerilla warfare or Resistance fighter or David taking on Goliath without stones and not able to whirl his slingshot.
The plan would be to infiltrate forums (something that you know something about or not as the case may be) news articles where you can reply online etc etc .
Still in New Year mode 3rd vodka after two lagers.
Lead the readers , lead the search engines to the bloggers with the stories . EMOTION SELLS.
Scare stories,money stories , hit people where it hurts .
This will all take a toll on you the individual , but just imagine the perverse pleasure you would get if your planted story went Global.
Marco --where are you ? I spent lovely times in Bignac in the 60's and 70's doing quality control on the travelling stills.


Near Cognac, France
Lager, Vodka, Pineau

Hi Tom

Like your style - even if vodka fuelled:D

We live in a little hamlet between Rouillac and Matha. Same neck of the woods basically.