Exploring Shamanism

Glad to have you join us Wayne. That's a very good description of unconditional love.

Oh, the parallel universe thing. I hope on some other plane I was smart enough to be rich...LOL! :tongue:
There are some very interesting stories out there about people wo have slipped accidently into their parallel lives so it's hard to doubt that it could be the way it is. I can't say that I've glimpsed my own, or even tried to look but that might be interesting to try. One healing method is to slip into that in meditation and connect with the good health one has there, and bring it back. I've done this as a visualization during meditation but only from the plane where we have light bodies. The non-physical. For me this doesn't seem to work as an instant healing, but rather as a opening to find things that do heal. If I'm paying attention, I'll run across something, repeatedly, that I can use to make a change in my health.

I read for hours and hours on that site yesterday. I struggled with the levels, personalites, and roles. The compartmentalizing of it all. I've read similar types of things in the past and always had a hard time figuring out where I fit into that sort of scheme. The problem is that I fit all the personality types. It's nearly impossible to narrow it down to a couple. I seem to slip from one role to the next, depending on what i'm doing. I'm inclined to think that one tries out all of them over lifetimes and you bring the strengths and imprints of those lifetimes with you and use them in your life.

The other angle of that that was difficult is that I seem to be in a place where I am "connecting to" rather than "distinguishing from" others. Hmm... not sure how to put this so it makes sense. Ok, I had a sensation while reading about the different roles (I'm using that word to describe all the different roles, personalities, levels, etc.), of breaking apart. This is in direct conflict with the connecting that I have been doing. Connecting with people, things, spirit, all aspects of existance. I'll have to give all this some thought...

Today I'll focus my reading on the other teachings and see what I find.
It's been an interesting day....

"Spirituality and its practices are often involved with ritual, requirements, faith, and the observance of special ways of living or thinking. As we have said before there are those fragments who will choose paths of spirituality rather than to deal with who they are and what the world is about. These paths often provide the illusion of growth and comprehension rather than its actual experience."

This describes religious affiliation rather than sprituality, as I see it.

"The best that most of you, and us when we were part of the physical world, could hope for is once in a while looking to the other side, the positive energy that mirrors these two negative ones."

??? Stuck in the neagative aspect, are we? I think not.

There is something of arrogance in these teachings. And in some of the responses of humans in the channelings, a degree of worshipfulness for responses to questions that really said nothing specific at all. And speaking of saying nothing at all, that seems to be the case with most of the personal questions asked. I certainly would not pay "Michael" or the channels for a reading. Red flags went up every few minutes for me in reading this stuff. Not that there isn't a great deal of merit in some of it. But it all seems mixed with a level of "hopelessness", high and mightly-ness, and what many term new age mumbo, jumbo. Even the manner of speaking is as if they are trying to talk over the averge Joes head. It is this sort of thing that gives channeling a bad name. I've read many a similar channeling only to walk away thinking that this is not the way to encourage people. It tends to make you feel more as if you are failing or have no hope.

I was hesitant to write this. Again, that guilt feeling for not "buying into" this group. I'm not judging anyone for studying with them. It just isn't for me.

I think that's why I'm so fond of the Conversations with God books. None of that shows it's head.
Back to shamanism - I'd encourage everyone to read Spiritwalker, messages from the future by Hank Wesselman. It's the first in a series of three "stories". Not that I believe the future that unfolds in his stories is a given, rather a possibility in our evolution. More likely, a parallel that works for him on his personal journey. These stories helped me to break down some last barriers, some fears that I didn't realize I was hanging on to so tightly. Besides being a good read, easy and sucks you right into the story line, they helped facilitate my own efforts to journey.