Evusheld—Any side effects?


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I'm absolutely void of any thoughts on this, so am tagging in some members who are generally really well-informed on practically everything ....@Pyrrhus @Hip @Shanti @Mary @andyguitar
Sorry, this is brand new to me! Here's a question and answer sheet from the FDA re Evusheld - I don't know how comprehensive this is. It does mention potential serious "cardiac adverse events" but goes on to state that all persons who experienced these already had cardiac risk factors. Who knows! Frequently Asked Questions on the Emergency Use Authorization for Evusheld 10202022 (fda.gov)

The jury is out on whether adequate vitamin D levels can help with Covid (several conflicting studies), but I think there's enough evidence in favor of adequate vitamin D so that's something I would (and do) take care of: Vitamin D for COVID-19: where are we now? | Nature Reviews Immunology


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And I received Evusheld A few days back. I felt ill the next day. It was a breath of fresh air, as I had about a two week reaction from three mRNA Covid shots. I took Tylenol, leuteolin,quercetin, Zyrtec A few days before, and afterword. I feel so relieved to have some protection from this devil.