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Translation from google.
In Belgium, also a witch hunt conducted at Dr. Uyttersprot, patient himself, this time by the CM and INAMI who can not have that in CFS patients required parenteral nutrition or immune globulin is prescribed.

Article http://www.mecvs.net/module-ME_CVS_docs-viewpub-tid-1-pid-589.html
Machinations on a CFS specialist?

Just as there is a witch hunt conducted on Dr. Myhill from Great Britain who stands up for ME / CFS (click here and here), is also a witch hunt conducted at Dr. Uyttersprot, patient himself, this time by the CM and INAMI who can not have that in CFS patients required parenteral nutrition or immune globulin is prescribed.
Doctors in the Gazette No. 2087 of June 4, 2010, the dispute exposed occasion brought the lawsuit that is what Dr. Uyttersprot to appear.

In a few days, on June 7, published neuropsychiatrist Annemie Uyttersprot for Inami-court fund of two doctors and two profession. They will have to decide whether they end up gamma globulins and parenteral nutrition for patients wrote with chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS). Question is whether the finding is not to advance. Whether intentionally colored outside the lines Uyttersprot?

Uyttersprot already claimed the first. In the years leading up to this decision, underwent its file a lot of strange twists, she believes. The profile of Dr. Uyttersprot itself is also already bizarre. As ex-CFS patients who are so 'cured' of the syndrome, she started in AZ Jan Portaels Vilvoordsesteenweg along a center ... for CFS patients. Not that there is a smell of, but it is unusual. Like the file Inami moored to her anyway. And then there is still a very controversial debate on cvs itself. Inami used by the CFS definition is at least debatable when compared with the classification of the WHO.

Collision With Mutual

Whatever it may, enough ingredients for controversy. In 2005, the CM has already interfered with the way her doctor Uyttersprot diagnosis and therapeutic its policy on CFS patients carries. It refuses to fund the medication patients any longer to repay. The CM decides to members by sending patients to the approved referral centers. It is the medical advisers to the CM-Ontario's planned action, even a doctor to put Uyttersprot Coucke and her colleagues, she says. There would be pressure exerted by the Director of the AZ Jan Portaels by CM-chief physician Joel Boydens.

New element is a circular which Ri De Ridder publishes on November 21, 2005, retroactive to November 8, 2005. It prohibits Inami the disputed treatment is to prescribe. But Uyttersprot calls for the prescribing and administration of gamma globulins and parenteral nutrition whenever the consent of the advising physician. She gets that too.

A complaint of Intermutualistic College to the Order gets nothing. Meanwhile Uyttersprot with her colleague Dr. Vilvoordsesteenweg Coucke submit applications for treatment with gamma globulins and parenteral nutrition at home. And always adopt the majority opinion doctors (including the CM) that well.

After further struggles with the CM, the Inami early 2007 an investigation into the prescribing behavior of doctors and Uyttersprot Coucke, without them also to be aware. The outcome of the 'research' clearly established in advance, says the doctor.

Until now the first session of the special tribunal whose composition is already being challenged (see box). To be continued.

Hepp: "Defence has enough rights"

In the College should consider are but two doctors, two doctors of the fund / colleagues. One is Dr. Jean-Pierre Baeyens, Chairman of the Working Group on CFS Inami. Judge and party?

Baeyens We asked for a response, but he kept it on 'no comment' to the proper conduct of the proceedings not to harm. Bernard Hepp, head of the medical evaluation and monitoring, would also not comment on the contents of the file. Or on the procedures followed. "Should the composition of the Court of First Instance be a potential conflict of interest, then the assessor that self-reporting to the President. If there is any objection, you can challenge that person to like in the ordinary courts. "

Another question: can a physician be attacked for what he wrote as the medical expert gave his approval? Hepp warns: "The medical expert decided solely on the basis of the data it receives. Emerges later that information was incorrect or insufficient, then the criteria should prevail over the terms for repayment. It must always be respected."

January Schraepen, the lawyer for the medical service monitoring and evaluation, is on the same wavelength. "An administrative tribunal does not differ fundamentally from one another court."