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EDTA or succinic acid Input Information?



So I got referenced to this site for Mito supplements and I am in most of them in the table 1 except EDTA or succinic acid. Does anybody has any info / use any of these so things I need to know since I wont use the EDTA as chelation is there anything I need to know (like if you take it you will also need to take X) or the other one like is better to take this and that together????

Any input / warning will be appreciated. Goal is to improve mito function and energy.


almost there...
Laurentians, Quebec
I don't have any experience with EDTA but I've used DMSA (succinic acid) for mercury. A good strategy for ridding mercury is to start with chlorella to get things moving out of the gut. Adding DMSA shortly after will pull mercury from tissues but it won't cross the BBB. The brain is the last frontier, and you use lipoic acid for that. I only got so far with my chelation and never noticed any real improvement in health. Lately, however, as I've been able to hit intracellular borrelia I've been waking up with mercury exposure/detox symptoms. It's a horrible electrified, or toxic, feeling nervous system. I get the same thing at night after eating certain kinds of fish. Lipoic acid settles this down and is the only way I can get back to sleep.