EBV and the liver


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EBV effects the liver and maybe it leaves you unable to clear ammonia as well and you use the brain and or muscle to do so
Minimal chronic hepatic encephalopathy due to reduced liver enzyme activity
This post is from over a year ago, do you have any new insights since then?

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I’m wondering if there maybe a subtle hidden later viral onset inherited urea cycle disorder leading to high ammonia
I do have a rare genetic disorder but have found it hard to get Ammonia testing
Agree, hard to get it tested. I was interested as well but only some labs will do it, and wasn't the lab i normally went to. I think either needs special tube or special handling (cold?)- can't remember. I also figured wsn't worth my effort since they seem to never grasp the concept of "high for me" . So given my weight and protein consumption, i think my blood amomnia level would be way to high BUT in terms of test ranges. it undoubtedly would be "withink normal limits" and wouldn't be given another thought.
When I do urinary amino acid testing, they report ammonia levels. Mine are often in the 90 percent, even though tform amino acides, nearly all of mine are around the 2.5 percent mark, sometimes lower (exept for some awful ones but i digress).
At first i thought it was degraded sample since i sent it in over the summer but have since learned, nope, it's me, not the sample quality.