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Dutch doctor visited by inspection


Senior Member
Dutch cardio/ME doctor Visser visited by inspection, probably due to his intervention in the planned removal from his home of a young adult MEpatient.

At the moment it is still unknown what action the inspection will take, a request for his patients to write a letter to the inspection here


here is a facebookpost about it.

I find I'm shocked, I am planning to visit him, to get a diagnosis after 40 years. Also because of heartthings that I want seriously looked at, and he does tilttable test, that would be some sort of proof that I'am not able to stand longer then about ten minutes, opning the road to powered wheelchair or scootmobile.

But also, the way this happens... we have hardly any MEdoctors here.
He is integer, he helps some young person to stay safe in his home, and may get punished for it?
I was a childpsychologist, and all my professional being is in an uproar.

I pray this will end well.

But worried, next month the new protocol comes, it is ready but not yet public, I know he did have comments on it. Is this the next step in slapping the dutch MEcommunity in the face...