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Dumping excess water with methylfolate?

I am familiar with the concept that you can start dumping excess fluid when you start getting your methylfolate intake levels up high enough.

Generally this is referring to increased urinary output, but I notice that I can also get frequent bowel movements that are almost completely like water.

Always thought increased urinary out put was fine, but watery bowels was too much folate.

Could I have been wrong in this assumption & that actually both are avenues for dumping excess fluid?
Good question; I'm not sure, but for increased urinary frequency I found taking Boron to be slightly helpful. It seemed to help me hold on to water a bit more. And of course tweaking sodium and potassium might help.

How much folate are you taking? Unfortunately I didn't see anything from the Fredd Active B protocol, but maybe I didn't increase the folate enough or whatever. I think it may not be as one-size-fits-all as it sounds. Everybody is different.