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Dr. Reeves Removed from the CDC's CFS Research Program


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I hope Dr. James (Jim) Jones doesn't get the position

I hope Dr. James (Jim) Jones doesn't get the position.

Dr. Yes

Shame on You
I hope Dr. James (Jim) Jones doesn't get the position.

If nothing else, any pressure we can bring to bear should be aimed at preventing someone we KNOW to be the wrong one for the job from getting that position.


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Jones would seem to be a terrible choice for several reason; besides his ideas he's old and not particularly vigorous - his ascension would suggest to me that the CDC either doesn't give a damn or couldn't find anyone. Where is the CDC chatter site?


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Victoria, BC
While we celebrate

This is great news, and while we celebrate maybe we should give a big "thank you" to all those great doctors and researchers who stood by us and worked for us (as well as for themselves, of course) and resolutely continued their work despite having research grants turned down, getting flack from their colleagues, and sometimes losing money doing it--have been reading Osler's Web, and am obviously thinking of in the first place those stalwarts Dan Peterson and Paul Cheney, still both hard at work in their different ways, but also Nancy Klimas, David Bell, and those others who never gave up despite active discouragement from the purse holders--THANKS AND CONGRATULATIONS! They have helped win one big battle for all of us, and though the fight goes on, the battle ground has changed.
Wow, two big events within four months--our world is shifting beneath our feet. Chris
The CDC Chatter site can be found at


So far, no discussion of Reeves, but they are definitely having a major reorganization.

Reeves' ouster is the best news I've had since the XMRV Science article!! Like Scrooge on Christmas Day, I'm "giddy as a schoolboy". Or schoolgirl. Never thought I'd live to see this day (I'm pushing 60 and been sick for almost a quarter century). I'd have preferred for Reeves to join the ranks of the unemployed, but being assigned to Mental Health surveillance seems appropriate. Definitely, thanks so much to everyone who helped make this day arrive!


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Clay, Alabama
CBS is right. PR people call it "dumping". Release news on Friday afternoon if you don't want news media to report on it. Can we all contact news media and make sure htat doesn't happen?

I feel sure this is because CDC is seeing XMRV. In fact, I suspect they are reorganizing to get ready for full fledged research attack on the virus.

Best thing is to have him gone before they announce XMRV findings. Take away the big onslaught of attack from CFS patients by making the changes before announcement is made. We will have nothing to demand now.

I also find it interesting that so many have complained about CAA, but now they get credit when Reeves his revealed.

I'm guessing that there were multiple variables in the decision to "transfer" Reeves, and if the CFS community did in fact have anything to do with his departure, I don't doubt that many people/groups contributed to this. I just want to acknowledge and thank Kim McCleary, Suzanne Vernon, and the CFIDS Association of America, for the relentless dedication and pursuit of accountability as well as transparency within the CFS Research Program at the CDC, and also of Bill Reeves. I am grateful to Kim and the CAA for helping to expose the deplorable inefficiencies and outright crimes perpetuated by Reeves and the CDC. For some background info, the following links offer insight into the recent effort by Kim McCleary and the CAA to propel this endeavor.

Kim McCleary's October 2008 CFSAC Testimony:

Discussion Following Kim McCleary's October 2008 CFSAC Testimony, Part 1:

Discussion Following Kim McCleary's October 2008 CFSAC Testimony, Part 2:

Discussion Following Kim McCleary's October 2008 CFSAC Testimony, Part 3:

Kim McCleary’s October 2008 CFSAC Written Testimony:

Amy Squires’ (CAA Board member) October 2008 CFSAC Testimony:

CFIDS Association Letter to Acting CDC Director (March 11, 2009):

Kim McCleary April 27, 2009 Public Meeting CDC Testimony:

CFIDS Association Response to CDC’s Research Plan (June 26, 2009):

Katrina Berne’s (CAA Board member) April 27, 2009 CDC Public Meeting Testimony:

Jennie Spotila's (CAA Board member) April 27, 2009 CDC Public Meeting Testimony:

Jennie Spotila's (CAA Board member) May 2009 CFSAC Testimony:

CFIDS Association update on its CDC activities (September 11, 2009):


All shall be well . . .
Santa Rosa, CA
Ha! he's leaving two days before my birthday next month- I am calling it an early birthday present, and so no matter what happens I am going to have a good birthday.

sarah, I'll help you celebrate. Reeves is leaving two days after MY birthday. (How come you're not on the calendar?)
We'll have to sing:

Happy no Reeves day to us.
♬♪ Happy no Reeves day to us.
Happy no Reeves day, he's history. ♬♪
Happy no Reeves day to us.



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Stunning news to wake up to this morning. This caught me by surprise. Will be waiting to see what difference it all makes.
Leicestershire, England.
New Head of CDC

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has announced that Dr. William C. Reeves, head of the agency's CFS Research Program, will be taking a new position within the agency effective Feb. 14, 2010 and that he will no longer lead the agency's CFS research. Dr. Elizabeth Unger will serve as acting chief of the Chronic Viral Diseases Branch, the unit within CDC that houses the CFS Research Program. On Feb. 14, Dr. Reeves will begin an assignment as Senior Advisor for Mental Health Surveillance in the Public Health Surveillance Program Office within the CDC's Office of Surveillance, Epidemiology, and Laboratory Services.

The CFIDS Association of America, other organizations and advocates have vocally supported new program leadership to effect a more robust research effort at CDC. This staffing change has the potential to significantly advance CFS research beyond the agency's intramural program and to seize scientific momentum generated by recent discoveries. We are fully dedicated to making rapid progress in this new era of collaboration and discovery in CFS research.

K. Kimberly McCleary
President & CEO
The CFIDS Association of America

Sorry if this has already been posted. Feel free to shout at me if it has Kim! :tongue::ashamed:
This seems a great thing, to finally see him out, can only hope the same happens to wesseley to be honest. The acting head specialises in anatomic pathology.
Doctor Elizabeth R Unger: http://www.vitals.com/doctor/profile/9313891838

Anddd I see I've missed the thread posted in another section of the forum. Fail again from elliot. ;)


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Unger actually has the spot Dr. Vernon had in some of those papers, which may have just been very minor. I'm not saying anything about her one way or another, but I don't think you can read too much by her position on these papers. If it were first or last, that would be a concern, because that would seem to signify her research and her interest.

free prisoner, I missed this. What did Dr. M say?

I'd be interested to know this too.
Has anyone reflected upon what was said when the results were announced in October; do you remember this quote : 'we are testing blood samples ( in England ? ) and the same percentages are holding up'. I was expecting Dr M to elaborate on this at her talk last Friday, but she didn't. I emailed her last week on judym@wpinstitute.org but as yet i've not received a reply. Is this email in fact correct ?
Could Reeves departure have anything to do with this. Would she have known that Reeves was going ? I get the impression that there is so much going on behind the scenes. Who saw the Imperial College study coming out so quickly; who saw Reeves going like this.

Kinjd regards, Mark


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I simply cannot conceive of him leaving now of his own accord. To do so would be such a huge admission of negligence and failure.

We should warn him about getting too upset or he's likely to end up seeing Dr. Wessley.

I like to think he left voluntarily - with a boot up his bum


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Wow very very exciting news!! I'm so happy for you USers!! It does sound like a bit of a rush job to get him out of CFS which I think is very interesting indeed. Seems like things really are finally moving in the right direction at long last. Fingers crossed things will follow suit here in the UK before too long!!



Oh, sorry, I could've sworn that Judy M said something about the CDC research coming up trumps in her talk on the 22nd, but I've just looked through the transcript (at least what's been transcribed so far) and I can't find it.

Sorry guys.

Rachel xx


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They're dumping him on Valentine's day, a day of love. Perhaps we could get rid of Wessely on bonfire night ?

Heh heh, brilliant!

Oh, sorry, I could've sworn that Judy M said something about the CDC research coming up trumps in her talk on the 22nd, but I've just looked through the transcript (at least what's been transcribed so far) and I can't find it.

Sorry guys.

Rachel xx

I seem to recall something about this aswell, although I don't think it was in relation to the Jan 22nd webinar.


Elliot, It has indeed been posted elsewhere, in fact a party spilled out into the chatroom! I have merged your post into this thread.

Btw, I love your avatar, Stephen Fry is a national treasure and the smartest guy to ever come out of Norfolk!


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Cort mentioned Abt and Reeves.

Who, or what is Abt, and what did he mean by wasted money?:innocent1: