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Dr. Chia Produces New Form of Oxymatrine


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Upstate SC, USA
There is a place in Atlanta that claims to be selling it. How pure and the strength need I'm not sure of. It's a place called Accupuncture Atlanta and can be goggled. They apparently sell a boat load of other herbs as well.


Can't answer your question. Rather than email why not call his office and ask if they sell it. I believe this is his source in Hong Kong: http://www.mingxinpharm.com/contact-e.htm Maybe you can contact them and see if they export it to individuals, I never tried.

Have you had the lab testing done? If not it's real easy to do if you have a doctor willing to test you. Let me know if you want the info. I think he said it helps about 50% of his patients to varying levels of improvement. He also uses or used Ribivirin(sp) along with Interferon but that is about $2,000/month.


Michael Dessin

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I was a patient of Doc Chias as well.

Superuser pretty much summed things up. The only thing is, he doesn't get that high of a success rate, being 50%.. I think he told me 20% or so, have a positive response, Unfortunately I wasn't one.



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Hi to all! New here..but I wanted to reply as I'm a patient of Dr. Chia. I'm on long term, high dose Anti-virals (2 1/2 years) and will soon start Oxymatrine. Until recently the safest source for the Oxymatrine was in Kowloon, Hong Kong...but Dr. Chia's office has a local (South Bay area in Ca., I believe) source. That's the product I'll be using (have not picked mine up yet and I think it may be in the form of a supplement, not quite sure!)...along with continuing the 3200mg. of acyclovir per day. I'll be glad to post my experience with this combination after a few weeks. jackie


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Dr. Chia's new form of Oxymatrine is now available

Dr. Chia, an infectious disease specialist focusing on chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS), has finished the production of a pure form of Oxymatrine, an alkaloid derived from the Sophora plant in China. Oxymatrine is used to treat many diseases including hepatitis and cancer there. Oxymatrine has been an important part of Dr. Chia’s protocol for several years and it played an integral role in returning his son, Andrew Chia, to health.

The concern over the purity of products coming from China prompted Dr. Chia to produce a more stable and effective preparation of Oxymatrine called Equilibrant. He took the opportunity to add other immune factors to the mix. He stated that

Equilibrant, containing oxymatrine and a number of immune modulators. This herbal preparation, a dietary supplement, is made from the highest quality extracts under FDA certified Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) in the United States. It is also laboratory tested in FDA registered analytical laboratories.

Dosing - Chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS) - The dose of Equilibrant should be increased slowly. I routinely start with one tablet with a glass of water before or with meal everyday for one to two weeks. If there is no increase of pre-existing symptoms, such as fatigue, myalgia, headache, the dose could be increased to one tablet 2 times a day for one to two weeks, then slowly work up to 2 to 3 tablets 2 times a day. No further escalation of dose should be done if there is significant increase in symptoms. Further titration can be done later as needed, depending on the patient’s response and tolerance.

Fibromyalgia - Patients with significant fibromyalgia rarely need more than 1 tablet once or twice a day, but few can take up to 4-6 tablets/day. If the increase in pain persists for few weeks without improvement while taking one or two tablets./day, the patient will not likely respond and certainly should not take higher doses. Patients on heavy doses of narcotic pain medication are not good candiates for this herbal product since a further increase of myalgia may not be tolerated. Everyone has “bad” pain but the patients not needing much pain medications are better candidates for this herbal supplement. Again, the dose needs to be titrated.

Side effects, though usually temporary are not uncommon. They can be ameliorated by slowly increasing the dose.

Side Effects - Increase in symptoms, such as headache, myalgia, arthralgia, stomach complaints or bladder discomfort, can be seen in over 50% of the patients, lasting from a few days to few weeks, but could be relatively mild if the dose is increased slowly.

You’ll generally know if the preparation works in from one to three months. Longer courses may be necessary if the patient is tolerating the drug well. Expect to be taking the drug for a year (at least) if it works.

Prognosis - On the average, the patient should have some signs of improvement by 4-6 weeks, but few may take more than 3 month, especially if the dose is escalated over 4- 6 weeks period. Since the symptoms are often cyclical, a longer course may be needed to fully evaluate the benefit of the herb, as long as the patients are tolerating it well. With significant responses, patients should not perform vigorous exercise in the first few months to avoid major relapse of symptoms. Most of the patients will need to take the herbs for more than one year, if there is significant response.
Patients with symptom flares can be on it long-term without side effects. Maintenance doses are possible.

Patients with periodic exacerbations of symptoms while taking the herbs will not likely tolerate reduction of the dose after one year. If there is no response, equilibrant should be taper off in about two weeks instead of abrupt discontinuation. We have at least 30 patients taking the herbs beyond 2/12 years and are still doing well without any side-effects. Andrew is doing well on a maintainence dose of equillibrant, and will be starting pharmacy school in two days.

Fifty percent of patients have experienced improvement - some dramatic. Relatively long-term use of the herbs is required to prevent relapse in many patients.

Results. We have given the herb to more than 350 patients over the last 2 1/2 years, and the overall improvement is about 52%. Some patients who lied down most the time went back to work in a few months (great responders), others would have at least enough improvement to do more in a day (parital responders). Relapses are common if patient stopped the herb in 3-6 months after significant improvement (2 out of 3 people). Few patients went in complete remission after taking the herbs for only 3 months, but none of these patients were females.

Patients with autoimmune manifestations or seizures should not take these herbs.

Warning: This type of immune modulators should not be used in patients with autoimmune tendency or known seizure disorders.
It is best that a physician supervises the patient on any herbal product and blood tests can be done in 2-3 months after starting the herbal product.

Price: Each Equilibrant box contains 90 tablets. The price is $ 49.95 USD per box. It is professionally packaged in blister cards, which protect the stability of each tablet. You can find the product here for more information.

Check out a two-part interview with Dr. Chia


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Dr. Chia's Main Treatment Focus

Thanks - I don't know how I missed that. I asked him in an e-mail was efficacy of oxymatrine without interferon. I was surprised to hear that oxymatrine is apparently his main treatment choice now.

A Main Focus of Treatment - For many years Dr. Chia used interferons and Oxymatrine to treat his patients but he has dropped interferon use for all but one subset of patient. When I asked him about the efficacy of Oxymatrine a as a stand-alone treatment he stated:

I have treated 70 patients with the combination of alpha and gamma interferon, and the efficacy is about 47% overall. I reserve the interferon treatment for patients with severe fibromyalgia without debilitating fatigue. The cost is prohibitive ($5000/month) and the side effect does not allow patient to continue the treatment for more than 1-3 months. Few patients had remission of symptoms for as long as 2-3 years. The chance of improvement is minimal, If the myalgia is not dramatically better by 2-4 weeks on interferon treatment.

Since the herbal preparation is much cheaper, has better efficacy and less side-effects, I have not used interferon treatment for over a year. I learned to titrate the dose of the herbal preparation for patients with different symptomatology.

That's pretty interesting - a pretty effective somewhat affordable immune modulator/antiviral.


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I am hopeful about oxymatrine. Seems like some powerful stuff to be taking w/o a prescription, though.


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Central Texas
purchasing equilabrant

I have tried twice from the website. You need a doctor and they have not contacted me with one based on my zipcode (because there probably isn't one within 1000 miles:)).

Anyone else have that experience?


If this is from Shrubby Sophora I know Allergy Research has a formula with that herb called PhytoCort (not named after Cort LOL).
I don't particularly like that he's blended it with other stuff, as I can be sensitive to one herb in a combination.
But Shrubby Sophora is a very interesting herb.


Very Strange

Add New York, DC and Boston to the cities where no affiliated physician returns in the results.

Very strange that they are requiring a relationship with a proprietary physician for a nutritional supplement.

Cort, if you have a back channel, you may want to use it to inquire on specifics.

This isn't going to fly very far unless they get their act together.


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Equilirant responds

Equilibrant responded:

The web site is new and has problems that we are trying to fix.
For people with no physicians in their area, they may use the "no physician" code# 7f1271488a.

For international customers, they can email and place order at sophorahealth@gmail.com.

Please let us know if there are further questions.

Best Regards,

Equilibrant support team (sophorahealth@gmail.com)


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Central Texas
equilibrant order

Thanks Cort.

I was able to register, though I couldn't get back from the terms and conditions page (that may have been me).

When I got to the credit card part, I got an error 3 times. Don't think it was me. I checked and I have room on the credit card.

Oh well. If anyone else orders successfully, let me know, thanks!

ordering oxymatrine

Hi all,

I ordered oxymatrine from a site listed on a thread somewhere on your forum. It wasn't expensive -- it is called "white tiger" and distributed in us by a portland, oregon outfit.

Didn't need a prescription or a doc-- don't know the quality though