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Dosage tweaking for optimum methylation


Senior Member
Hi folks,

I've been following a variant of Fredd's protocol for about 10 months now and I've experienced a definite increase in energy levels and wellbeing. Particularly with the introduction of complimentary potassium supplementation in the last 9 months... Having said this I do find that tweaking or 'titrating' as I believe its termed the dosages is a lot like bumbling around in the dark, and I'm sure I'm not alone when I say that I'd appreciate a bit of healthy discussion based on personal experiences when it comes to choosing dosages.

What particularly interests me is the effect that my current 50mg / day niacin dose would be having on my methylation. I take 1mg of MB12 every other day along with 1gm of 5 Methylfolate, an occasional LCF (855mg tablet) and a couple potassium tablets (200-300mg) which I take about 40 mins after taking the deadlock quartet....

Niacin is the known balancer when we perhaps go overboard on the methylation supplements, but what is the net effect of taking the 50mg of nicotinic acid (flush form) niacin each day given the above dosages of the deadlock quartet components... Would it be undoing all the progress I'm making with the methylation supps I took in the morning? Is it undoing the potential overmethylation and thus allowing me a better night sleep with more REM?

Keen to get some insights... let me know your experiences or any relevant articles of note.




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Northcoast NSW, Australia
Fred will likely comment here. I followed his advice some months back to reduce all my B vits, in part to < need for potassium. I'd taken high dosages of B1,3,5,6 for years, hoping to < anxiety symptoms. I would have thought my current dose laughable. But I'm now taking essentially 25mg B complex, divided into 2 doses. I'm using Swanson's, linked below, and a capsule filler to split the caps into 2. It's the one thing I don't get from iherb, so I order a couple bottles at a time to minimize the shipping cost. I also take Thorne P5P (B6) 33mg. I can't recall the other reasons Fred suggests low dose specifically, check in the Guide linked to my signature. He's found it takes a minimum to balance things.

I've had excellent results when experiencing "over-methylation" from increasing my Mfolate, by taking a 1mg MB12. It stops the symptoms nearly immediately. This tended to happen at night, and I was always able to go to sleep w/ the B12 in my gum

Fred's been using another B Complex, I think the list # is iherb.
NatureMade B-complex with C, List # 1338. This has 15mg of thiamin,10.2mg of Riboflavin and 50mg of Niacin, 5mg b-6 and 10mg pantothenic acid.