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Donating to Dr. Klimas CFS Research


Senior Member
Dr. Nancy Klimas is well known as one of the leaders in CFS research and education for over 20 years. She has been in the news recently as a commentator on XMRV and as a member of the CFS Advisory Committee. She is incredibly generous with her time and knowledge.

She and her team at the University of Miami have been responsible for much of the key research in the immunology of CFS, including low natural killer cell function. Earlier this year, I heard she was trying to get funds to have genomics testing done on some CFS research samples. (The University of Miami has set up a top-notch genomics center in recent years, bringing in one of the most prominent genomics research teams in the country good timing for the CFS research in this area!) For those in the front lines of research, this is a really fruitful time for research in several areas, limited only by the availability of funds.

The local CFS support group in Miami recently circulated information on how to donate to Dr. Klimas CFS research. Its done through the University of Miami but needs to be specified as going to The Morton Fund for CFS Research. Here is the information on how to donate:

For online gifts by credit card:
Go to the web page www.med.miami.edu/give . In the Gift Designation section of the online form, in the Other box, type in: Morton Fund for CFS Research. (Complete the rest of the form as instructed.)

For gifts by check:
Make the check payable to the University of Miami, AND include in the memo section Morton Fund for CFS Research.
Mail to the following address (the P.O. Box given online will also work, but the street address is a bit faster):

University of Miami
Office of Medical Development
Attn: Elizabeth Goldberg
1500 NW 12 Avenue JMT Suite 1020E
Miami, FL 33136.

A gift can be made "in honor" of another person. The University needs the name and address of the honoree in order to send an acknowledgment to him/her.

Elizabeth Goldberg, the Director of Development who handles gifts for Dr. Klimass research, can answer any questions about making a gift. Her email is egoldberg@med.miami.edu .


Senior Member
Naples Florida
Dr. Klimas told me she makes even the smallest amount of money donated work hard in her research programs for cfs by getting matching grants. I have donated before, thinking it was not much but apparently she streaches every dollar. good program.


Patient in training
Thank you Anika, I made a donation tonight, as if I attended the presentation and payed an entrance fee. I am sure the money will be spent wisely and that it will help all of us getting out and enjoy life again in the near future.