Distraught about people and myself


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Melbourne, Australia
Just replying to say I relate and understand. I wish I could write more on the subject, I wish I could think more on the subject, or offer some type of solution. There are people here that I haven't replied to their PMs, and I want to I just can't manage it right now.

It's very hard to desparately need a faithful friend but literally be incapable of being a faithful friend.

You're right in that statement, Dainty.

I admit to letting PM relationships & conversations drift & die down. I post on the forum on an irregular basis these days. I am trying hard not to spend too much time on the computer - strain on my poor eyesight & too much brain stimulation resulting in a poor night's sleep.

The important thing is that most members are in the same boat & understand if you can't PM replies.

At least if you post in a thread, everyone can read your news or opinions & get updated that way.