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Difficulty With Facial Expressions

Alright so i'm making a great deal of progress with my methylation protocol and this particular issue has improved somewhat along the way but it's still one of the main deterrents from me being able to engage in social activity in a totally natural way. My facial expressions are blocked, they just don't flow with what I'm doing, saying, or thinking. I generally have to manufacture them myself as I go and sometimes because of this I can't maintain them in a normal way or look at someone in the face with excitement as my expressions are bizarre to say the least at times. There's a big disconnect there, it's very bizarre. It gets severely worse after drinking for the entire rest of the next day. At times it makes me come off as if I didn't like what someone said because I kind just can't keep up with the interaction.

Has there been anything in particular that anyone in here has found that has helped them with this, or do many others have this issue as well? I've been talking with a few people but their problem with this doesn't seem as severe as mine. It also goes hand in hand with the inability to maintain natural eye contact and even looking at things can be difficult. My eyes dart, they don't exactly flow and go where I'm moving them. Extremely annoying.

Lithium seems to have helped the most but I'm not quite there yet. I do find that the better I do cognitively the more that my expressions return to normal, in an almost 1:1 state but if I could find something to help in the meantime that would be preferable.

Thanks guys!


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Vic, AU
I am not sure what is bizarre about this, I thought it was completely standard for sufferers? Unless for 15 years this is something I have experienced but is not so common?

At its worst I could not verbally even express myself to others, let alone engage them with any form of body language. I am a thousand times better now, I can engage people directly and carry a conversation at length, express openness and a smile to them, but I am still well aware I am not doing it at total ease, especially on a bad day.

Am also on methylation, 2 years and running and has turned out to be key for me. What helps is giving it time, methylation is a long term gig.
Thanks for the replies, that gives me some hope GhostGum!

I don't know it's such a gigantic issue for me and I don't ever see it discussed, I was under the assumption that it was just one of those things that were more pronounced in me than in others with methylation issues. I only found 1 person that mentioned the specific issue and that amisulpride helped with it and that was about it.

That's good though, I have only been on a solid protocol for a few months. Things are better than they have been in a while but that is one persistent issue that bothers me severely.