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Detox for people with MCAS and Lyme - Pinella, Burbur, parsley etc


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I am having brutal brain fog from antibiotics to treat the gut, which also ahs flared candida, which I know can also make me feel like this.

It has been suggested to me to take some pinella or burbur or parsley as I cant do most of the other detox methods due to MCAS.

However I am also sensitive to Herbs so just looking to swap information and experiences with those who know a bit more about this whole area than I currently do.

I CANT do:
Lemon water,
Skin brushing
lymphatic drainage massage
Epsom salt bath or foot baths

so please don't suggest them. I also don't need gut protocols or candida protocols, just want to talk about detox.


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Hi @justy - first, I don't know anything about MCAS and lyme. But what helped me with detoxing might help you. I tried all sorts of protocols and herbs etc. for many years and never seemed to make any improvement, kept detoxing at the drop of a hat. Until I stumbled across 3 amino acids: glycine, inositol and glutamine, all of which are used in Phase II liver detox (see http://www.diagnose-me.com/treatment/liver-detoxification-phase-II-support.php)
I don't know for certain if these are what made the difference, but it seems to be the case.

I had started taking glycine and inositol for sleep, and found that both made me detox, particularly glycine - I had a very strong detox and brain fog reaction with it (got lost going to my sister's house). Somehow I persevered (not sure how! :confused: maybe I was desperate for sleep), anyways, after gradually increasing doses I tolerate them just fine now.

I started taking glutamine because it was in a BCAA combo which was helping with PEM, and found that it (the glutamine) also caused detoxing. Anything that was supposed to facilitate detoxing caused a detox reaction for me. I stuck this one out also, and the detoxing finally stopped.

And I think it's been a little over a year since I last had a detox reaction, and all I can figure is it was these amino acids. I had tried FIR sauna, chlorella, and so on and just got sick on these and never improved.

Hope this helps --


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coffee enemas?
Yes this has been suggested. I'm not that into the idea and not convinced of its safety. People on the masto boards are not keen on it for people with MCAD - can't remember why.


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Justy, as fresh herbs normally seem to be tolerated with MCAS, I would stick to the herbal ones that don't bother you. Parsley, cilantro, dandelion, cleavers, clover and plantain are the ones that come to mind. I don't know what pinella or burbur are, but if you can tolerate them try it! If you have a garden or nearby field and no dogs or no chemicals, you may even have cleavers, clover, dandelion and plantain all ready. Go easy with them.


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the best blood cleansers from my findings (studies) may be
- sarsaparilla
- white tea
- red clover

there are many more said to detox/cleanse, but a lot of them like dandelion seem to do some strong and possibly unwanted stuff as well. * (according to studies)
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I've wondered if LPS and other toxins might be escorted out of the GI with binders.

It's my impression a low carb/sugar diet limits inflammation as well as microbial growth, which may be useful while modifying gut flora.