Desperately in need for help

Calling all the methylation pros out there:

So I have no problem getting methylation going with 400 mcg folate and all the basic. I actually feeling totally cured for like two days. Then I run into folate deficency (ibs returning etc, very typical) and with that an extreme, insatiable potassium need. So I take like 400 mcg more and that relieves the potassium and takes me out of donut hole. I continue this until I reach about 2500 mcg folate.

Then I seem to hit a wall. It comes up pretty fast, what feels like a gluthatione drop perhaps or some pathway not working anymore? I have tried taking 20 mg folate just to be sure it isn’n donut hole but it’s not working and not taking me out of donut hole.

So I’m not able to stay at 2000 mcg folate because of folate deficency and crazy potassium need, but I can’t take more folate to get out of it.

If i back down to 200-400 mcg folate again the process just starts over again. I feel good for two days before I need to increase and then I hit the wall again.

So I can’t take as much as I need and I can’t stay on the dosage either.

Any advice?
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I could not maintain the potassium sink either, that I had with methylfolate. I tried for months and had to take huge amounts, even in the middle of the night. Finally I gave up and decided to just eat folate rich foods. But no choice, I just couldn't manage the potassium issues. I had those issues initially with B-12 also, but those gradually went away and were never as severe as with folate. It was also quite a crash for me to come off the methylfolate after being on it that long, and then I had to start taking other hormones, estrogen & testosterone, which tanked over that time, and have had to ever since.
Victronix: I have tried to quit all methyl donors, but that puts the potassium level even more into ER warning mode. I suppose that the folate isufficency gets even worse when you just give the body small amounts through food.

So it’s not the healing that is causing to potassium need, it’s the donut hole.