Dehydration & Heat Intolerance from normal sun exposure


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East Sussex
Ever since the summer heatwave here in the UK, when I spent the whole time inside and drinking masses of fluids yet still got severe dehydration one day about a month or so ago - I am now experiencing dehydration rapidly after exposure to standard amounts of afternoon sun which I could previously tolerate.

For example 10-20 mins in September sunshine that isn't particularly hot and perfectly comfortable at the time, is followed by Urine going yellow in the next hour and a dry mouth which persists all evening and then through the night when I am asleep and obviously unable to drink water, I wake up with a very dry mouth and pounding heart.

Has anyone experienced anything like this and know what to Get tested or which minerals I may be lacking etc?

I did also start oxymatrine just before the heatwave which was helping before but then I took a break as I felt it might be straining my adrenals in the heat. I started again after and picked up th e benefits again but wonder if it may be contributing on some level to the heat intolerance and dehydration.