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the temperature, the "weather", clouds, rain, return to the soil and right into our freshwater supplies ... everything can spread and contribute to virus survival - but also destroy it...

makes wonder, if "the normal social interaction" is even the least successful vehicle for a virus...

Because the main connection is water, viruses could potentially be spread cross the globe due to contamination of only one lake or pond.
Once they reach above the atmospheric boundary layer, or approximately 8,000 to 10,000 feet, they can then enjoy long-range transport. This could very likely send an illness from one continent to another according to Curtis Suttle (virologist at the University of British Columbia)

The time required for the virus titer to decrease 99.9% (T99.9) shows that in tap water, coronaviruses are inactivated faster in water at 23°C (10days) than in water at 4°C (>100days).

Viruses that require acidification before fusion are less stable at 50 to 90% RH than at RHs outside this range. Such examples include ... SARS coronavirus (4, 58).
RH = relative humidity

(its been a while ago and i may have misunderstood everything...)
pH issue: some viruses cant survive a somewhat more acidic environment, others not an alcaline one.
corona may have trouble in acidic environment, getting quickly "damaged".
then... if drinking water is made a little more acidic, the virus is disabled ?
then... if we become a little more acidic, it may help us too???
the body becomes acidic by sugary food.
also, the corona virus has a sugary coating (has it?)
how could that fit ?


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its just shameful and very telling about the sad medical science we are living with...

... that this virus spread shall be tracked on ppl buying a snickers at the gas station and similar shit...

in order to find out what happened (e.g. in iran) with early and high infection rates
one may have to check the environment of the locations at these times...
... e.g. lakes and ponds there, cloud formations, temperatures, winds, acquisition of drinking water...