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Contest: $1000 to ME/CFS, $2000 to the salvation army


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Sleepy Hollow Canada
that is so nice of you, Frank. I think we are pretty far behind for first prize, but there is a secondary one of $1000, which is the judges choice. I posted on their Facebook page where any winnings would go, so it's possible they would take that into consideration. I don't know. One vote/email address/day allowed until April 1st


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Concord, NH
I voted, I was wondering if it worked, so I tried to vote again, and it said I had already voted, so it appears this worked.


PS Vote was at almost 1,000.


Fine, thank you
Thanks, Frank - I voted - I was voting for "A Day in the Life of a Cookie", right? A bit nervous because I voted and then scrolled down and saw a video with ME in the title and wondered if I'd voted for the wrong one.

Do you maybe want to edit your message to include the title of the video?

Thanks! It's great that you find all these ways to raise us money!

ETA: Do you want to add that it's daily voting? Any idea what the deadline is? I couldn't see it anywhere.