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Contact information for FDA


I sent my senator a letter complaining about the FDA pulling supplements off the market. Like OSR#1, now MMS appears to be pulled.

Turns out my senator suggested I contact the FDA directly. They gave me the mailing address.

Thought I would share it in case anybody else is pissed about supplements getting pulled, or the potential of any supplements after 1995 being taken off the market in that new draft guidance for DSHEA.


Hope some people decide to mail in to the FDA and let them know about supplements!

Division of Dockets Management
Food and Drug Administration
5630 Fishers Lane, Rm. 1061
Rockville, MD 20852


senior member
Concord, NH
I wonder how useful contacting the FDA will really be? My impression is that they work for big pharma, I think letting our Reps and Sentators know is best? We can vote them out of office if enough people get upset, not sure this is a really hot item, but perhaps I am wrong. Bureaucrats are well insulated!!



Thanks Neilk.

Hi gginges. Your're probably right! Maybe it will help to beat on the FDA directly too. Drive the message and education directly to the individuals that work there. They can't all be corrupt. Somebody has to do the work.

Maybe if they get a 100 letters a for a week, they will get the message they are really messing the world up?

It is probably the FDA leaders (all appointed officials and not elected) that fool the lower level workers into doing the crimes. Only if the workers stood their ground and just all walked out for a week.

Maybe some educational information sent en mass to the workers could help them stand up against the crimes and get a dang clue???

Maybe just burying them with mail telling them to stop yanking supplements off the market?

Sure somebody will make some use out of it.

Dr Klinghardt mentioned it was the (FDA/Big Pharma plan?) to pull supplements one at a time so not enough people got too mad.

Hope I made some sense. It's past my bedtime.

K2 for Hope

ALways Hoping
Jacksonville, FL 32258
Mark, thanks, didn't even realize this was happening. At least not until I go to the store to get the supplement I want and it's not for sale anymore.

1) What did you say in your letter?
2) Did you send email as well?
3) Do you think it would help to mail/email our Senators, Congressmen and FDA?

I'm very willing to email something as that is the easiest. Maybe, if enough people start emailing in the political arena, they will be concerned about the votes. As well as filling up the "In-Box" - both FDA and political leaders.



Hi. Good question K2 for hope. I still need to write my letter.

I'm most concerned about how the FDA systematically is removing dietary supplements one by one. THey have done this with OSR#1, MMS, and at least one more I can't think of at the moment.

Even as the FDA may try and rationalize removing supplements as a safety issue(or some other phony excuse) their real objective is to serve the pharmaceutical industry. I think the FDA employees need to stop serving BIg Pharma and start serving the people!

I posted a recent video of a lawyer John Emford, who talks about the FDA. John mentions how he has taken the FDA to court and won, then the FDA ignores the court rulings!

here is a shorter video by him. The other one I posted was a two hour interview that was very thorough and complete.


The message needs to be the FDA should stop being a tyrant. Do what is best for the people to treat themselves, since the media and politics ignore the real health emergencies which are being spread/excerbated by vaccines and HGRV's. Of course many people do not know because of the Smokescreen in the media. But just look around at the dysfunctional children growing up these days.

If the lower level FDA employees would stop going along with the madness from the upper level management tyrants that are working for the big golden parachute job in their life after government. They should be ashamed. Start doing what is in the best interest for people wanting to use vitamins and supplements to treat themselves where mainstream medicine is preventing better answers.

I may have to refine that down to a more concise and polished version, but you get the general idea of what is on my mind!