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Constant vertigo/dizziness

Has anyone experienced vertigo/dizziness and found a specific nutrient deficiency/imbalance to be the cause?

It started with a sensation I have had previously (for many years actually on and off) of my brain 'shifting' to one side inside my head -quite hard to describe. It would make my whole body shift too if I was walking, so I guess it is a balance issue.

Recently I had IV nutrients (magnesium, B vit complex, Vit C and Zinc) which has really helped me but has also brought this balance issue back. Yesterday I took my usual small dose of vitamins and minerals and full blow dizziness/feeling of loss of balance ensued. It was pretty much constant yesterday and wore off by this morning. It returned today when I took just my 'co-factors' (leaving out B vits and also magnesium).

It is alleviated for several hours by eating eggs, so I have the feeling it is a nutrient imbalance triggered by the high doses of specific things in the IV. Has anyone experienced this sort of dizziness and have any idea what it might be?