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Concerns about Work Accommodation in US


Senior Member
Not sure how to word my questions, and I know I have more than what I wrote here...so please bear with me.
I am just now on Long Term Disability (LTD) through my employer paid plan that pays 60% of my full time salary. Two things are happening; I could use advice:
1) The LTD plan requires me to apply for Social Security Disability Income (SSDI)
2) and, my manager is encouraging me to request soon for Work Accommodation that would allow me to work 10 hours/week and start maybe in June 2021; that is, if I am well and my doctor allows it. My LTD plan has a provision that I must attempt work accommodation unless my doctor discourages it.

1) If I did return to work in June 2021 under Work Accommodation with the reduced hours,
a) but find within 90 days that I cannot handle it and return to LTD, won't my LTD benefit be reduced because I am now only a part timer: 60% of 1/4 of my full-time salary)?
b) won't that jeopardize my SSDI application because it seems I am not disabled and am able to work? The amount I will earn (even at 1/4 full-time salary) exceeds Social Security limit for part time work.

c) won't I be foregoing LTD benefits altogether, in exchange for even lesser pay?

d) I guess I should only consider returning if I am really well-improved, bit what is the likelihood of this? On good days, I have activity level 3—Leave house several times a week, two hours work/activity at home a day. On bad days, I am 2—Leave house once a week, concentrate one hour a day.

Hope someone can help!

Talk to your Human Resources Manager to get the detailed and most accurate information on your questions.


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Thank you but I already go my answers/advice from Atty Kantor and Linda Nee. I also read not to let your guard down when talking to HR.

99% of HR people are great and will do everything they can to help you. And then some.
I've worked in the HR industry for 25+ years.
Don't believe all the "HR PEOPLE ARE OUT TO GET YOU" stuff. None of it's true.

Now if you want to talk about attorneys....... (just kidding.) :)

Glad you got your answers. I have a big network of HR experts/friends in some of my networking forums and groups so if you have any other questions I'm glad to ask there for you.

Misfit Toy

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I reported it but it doesn't matter for the rent because it is based on income + interest. My money was just about $27,000 in savings accounts so it didn't matter.

You may not be on here anymore but I thought I would ask anyway. I am on SSDI so a disability lawyer might be right for me but I don't know. I contacted a special needs trust lawyer. Someone who deals with estates. She is on vacation but you can consult with her for half an hour and ask questions. How does one navigate all of this? Meaning, how to know how much money you are allowed to have prior to asking for section 8? What kind of lawyer do I contact? There is a 5 year wait right now as it stands.