1. J

    SSDI - question about online status

    I was denied SSDI 1st stage and completed the reconsideration online. Submitted the reconsideration Oct 2020 Reconsideration medical review was just completed (May 2021) Status now says: "representative in BALTIMORE MARYLAND started a final review to make sure that you still meet the...
  2. S

    Concerns about Work Accommodation in US

    Not sure how to word my questions, and I know I have more than what I wrote please bear with me. Background: I am just now on Long Term Disability (LTD) through my employer paid plan that pays 60% of my full time salary. Two things are happening; I could use advice: 1) The LTD plan...
  3. nyanko_the_sane

    Social Security Disability (SSDI) Resources of Interest (US)

    I created this thread to share information I found useful in my quest for SSDI benefits. Please feel free to post additional resources or ask related questions. Almost Everything in a nutshell: As the title implies, this article outlines what you need to know about SSDI, Social Security...
  4. J

    Social Security Disability (SSDI) lawyer recommendation? (US)

    I am looking for recommendations for an SSDI lawyer. My case is currently in Maryland but I don't need someone local.