Concerned bee sting will set me back permanantly

Probably many of you have read the same stories that if anything makes your mast cells go berserk, your new normal forever is worse than before The Event

I was minding my own business a d a bee or yellowjacket came out of nowhere, didnt even hover or explore, just kamacazied right into me

So youd think ok normal
Thing normal reaction but noioiooo

Nothing about my body is normal or does things by the book

I did get expected swelling redness and pain but no other teacruon


The next night! Even tbo the texts say syatemic allergy within 30 minutes, for me was 30 hours! Swollen face, lios, stuffed nise, tingly lips, tingly throat, and super sensitive skin everywhere so simple mosquito bite producing atypical redness

The delay was weird thing number 1

Weird thing number 2 is the sting mark itself went away in a few hours and by the night was completely clear Great. Except next day it redenned again , went away, came back really red hot and a gry, went away, and that geralded the general symptoms. Now my stomach hurts and dont know if those are i ternal unhappy mast celks

Back to first paragraph, i could use positive stories where youve had a mast attack but did NOT reset and a few more impaired level of functioning. Concerned about this

Also wondering on something. I asked a doc if its normal for the sting reaction to go away and then come back (not to mention several cycles) abd was told no way tho onky asked one doc a d have not looked it up. Anway, my lresumed herpes leaions do the same thing. Has always baffled me not to mention the big shot head of hospital infectious disease guru who declared “herpes does not effervesce”. Yeah well welcome to my world. So just wonder have i just learned somethibg about my body? Why do my skin things come and go. Does it shed any light on my recurrent herpes virus? Ill tak @hapl808 but might be tagging wrong person...have to reche k personal communicatiobs)
You know my monologue by now I think so here straight to an answer for you
Mast cells express a peripheral cannabinoid receptor with differential sensitivity to anandamide and palmitoylethanolamide. - PMC (
Mast cells are multifunctional bone marrow-derived cells found in mucosal and connective tissues and in the nervous system, where they play important roles in tissue inflammation and in neuroimmune interactions. Very little is known about endogenous molecules and mechanisms capable of modulating mast cell activation. Palmitoylethanolamide, found in peripheral tissues, has been proposed to behave as a local autacoid capable of downregulating mast cell activation and inflammation. A cognate N-acylamide, anandamide, the ethanolamide of arachidonic acid, occurs in brain and is a candidate endogenous agonist for the central cannabinoid receptor (CB1). As a second cannabinoid receptor (CB2) has been found in peripheral tissues, the possible presence of CB2 receptors on mast cells and their interaction with N-acylamides was investigated. Here we report that mast cells express both the gene and a functional CB2 receptor protein with negative regulatory effects on mast cell activation. Although both palmitoylethanolamide and anandamide bind to the CB2 receptor, only the former downmodulates mast cell activation in vitro. Further, the functional effect of palmitoylethanolamide, as well as that of the active cannabinoids, was efficiently antagonized by anandamide. The results suggest that (i) peripheral cannabinoid CB2 receptors control, upon agonist binding, mast cell activation and therefore inflammation; (ii) palmitoylethanolamide, unlike anandamide, behaves as an endogenous agonist for the CB2 receptor on mast cells; (iii) modulatory activities on mast cells exerted by the naturally occurring molecule strengthen a proposed autacoid local inflammation antagonism (ALIA) mechanism; and (iv) palmitoylethanolamide and its derivatives may provide antiinflammatory therapeutic strategies specifically targeted to mast cells ("ALIAmides").

Caryophyllene in Copaiba oil is a selective CB2 agonist and does not bind to CB1 like Anandamide. I believe the CB1 activation antagonizes the affect here. Maybe you could trial it for a week or so, very affordable.

Greenwood Essential Pure Copaiba Essential Oil (Copaifera officinalis) 100% Natural Therapeutic Grade Steam Distilled 30ml (1.01 oz) : Health & Personal Care
This is the smallest cost effective amount but they sell 5ml too enough for a week definitely. I bought 100ml 6 months ago and that is still above 1/3 and I have made pain cream for my mother with quite a bit also. I use it everyday all day. Basically normal now but you have heard this before.

This was the latest research I could find quickly to show you. Seems not much more has been done on mask cells and cannabinoids. If you happen to find anything else let me know please.

Hope this helps you.
@Bergkamp Thanks for the return support! Also Thanks for that reminder. Sometimes am trmpted to try some believe its safer than prednisome. I think its also used as a treatment for pseudobulbar affect disorder which i may or may not be developing (from my recurrent virus i think) And is that the same stuff in some cough medicine or am i confusing two similar names?

I seem to have two type crashes going on- adreniline crash following massive repeated over excited stimulation and mcas awakening. On the llatter, i cannot stop itching now . On the foer i keep
Getting repeated adreniline bursts from some very stressful unexpected events, each is followed by a bad return to crash. Also muscles have been bad, arms and legs hard to move and lift. I suspect also am Out of magnesium stiores and non optimal wlectrolytes
Yes adrenal fatigue I suspect possibly early stage of severity from my experience.
Yes it was inside, all of the carpets furniture and beds, I just had no idea how toxic it was because the workmen were not wearing protective clothing. They probably didn't live long if they were doing that regularly. The powder was recirculated every time the carpets were vaccumed so we were constantly breathing it in. We did move out after a few years for another reason but took the carpets with us!!! My two sons were interested and wanted to watch, and the spray went past them, leaving some on their bare legs. Soon after, one of them had to be rushed to A&E regularly on an evening needing a nebuliser which we were told was because he had developed asthma, with none in the family. Then the rest of us were diagnosed and the GP didn't think it strange. He told me 'it happens'. Well yes but for the reason nobody was admitting to.

I am dumbfounded that I did not work out what was happening but we had just moved house and I was in a toxic relationship with my ex (even though he was brilliant at some things). Terrible about he Omni-Q. You have to wonder why no-one was researching this stuff. So sorry to hear your story too.

My bugbear is formaldehyde which is my worst enemy, even worse than pesticide. One day I walked into a store and smelled something strange. I walked around then saw that hey had bottles of pesticide for sale. I even reacted to closed bottles.

I don't think I would still be alive had I not gone natural and or organic with everything including household cleaners.
Some of my worse years were when I was chemically sensitive. Could not eat, smell, wash ect with so many things. I went full on natural and even bought reverse osmosis water cleaner for my water, I am glad I do not remember much of it now. Still can be affected though, but much more resilient now.
About 1 year ago I painted some water proof paint on part of the greenhouse I built (while in recovery ,paid the piper hard), still have not finished the rest that needs doing and am scared to finish. I have to do it before the rains start and I have been lucky with a sort of drought basically. I dread doing it!