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Compounded Topical Methyl Vitamins For Young Ones?

I was curious if anyone has heard of or tried a compounded topical version of the B vitamins we need for their children that are too young to swallow pills? My child is only 11 months old, but is homozygous C677t and want to be prepared.



Senior Member
I never used the topicals but for my kids I crush the supplements up into a fine power and mix them with one of several things. If they're strong, such as B vitamins, I put them into almond or peanut butter balls that also have granola (for texture to also hide taste) or I make candy cups. The candy cups use gluten/casein/soy free chocolate by Enjoy Life and I melt it and line the candy cups. Then I put granola and PB/AB in there along with a sprinkle of each supplement they need. I have never gone higher than sprinkles (tiny to start and big toward the max dose I like)so am a big believer in the theory that less is often more for many of us. I would see detox symptoms in them (crying, irritable, not sleeping as well, poor appetite, diarrhea) on just a few crumbs so I knew it was working.

Lighter tasting supplements are easily crushed up into a powder and hidden into baby foods and applesauce. I would get their whole gene panel done, whether its Yasko ir 23&me so you know which supplements are best for your baby. But obviosuly they'll need 5 MTHF and Yasko makes drops known as Methylmate B at www.holisticheal.com. I would only put a drop in a bigger bottle of distilled water and start with a drop of that (my doc's advice) to start because believe it or not, you'll get an enzyme that doesn't work at all to essentially work with teensy doses like that. She made a believer outta me!