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Completely blackout goggles / eye mask?

My partner is very severe and is particularly light-sensitive.

She has her eyes closed and an eye sleep mask on 99% of the time. We also have blackout curtains in her room, but of course some light creeps in anyways. We use red flashlights when we need to see in her room, and that can even be very difficult for her to tolerate.

Next week, we're having a home blood draw, and the company is insisting that we need to turn on the overhead light in her room. We have never done this, and I'm afraid of the pain and intense crash it may cause.

Does anyone have suggestions of goggles or eye masks that are very snug fitting and really block out all light? Your thoughts are very much appreciated!!


Senior Member
Northern California

When fitted tightly, "Bucky 40 Blinks" eye mask is awesome.

It is contoured to fit against the skin of the face without putting any pressure on the eyes. The strap is adjustable (with Velcro).

Maybe give it a try ahead of time to see if it suits your partner?

Just to add another option, I have a Manta Slim mask and it's great. Comfy, no pressure on the eyes, zero light.

I linked Amazon instead of the official Manta website because for some reason the Slim version isn't on the site anymore. The only difference is the head strap is much thinner, which is better for side sleepers.